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Internet Elections

VR Election Services pioneered election voting through the Internet, the leading edge, fastest, and most economical method available. This method appeals to computer-savvy participants and novices alike.

Your members will have the convenience of voting from their home, office, library - anywhere there is a computer - at any time of day or night.

Our Secure Technical Setting

Our Internet connectivity is a multiple T-1 bandwidth, provided by a Tier 1 communications provider. We use Comodo SSL (secure socket layer encryption technology) with McAfee Secure Certified 24 hour intrusion protection - also used by banking institutions to protect Internet-based financial transactions.

In addition to a secure web site, we provide custom programming and a link to the election site from the client's web. The web site address is also included in the voting instructions in the election packet.

This method, as with telephone voting, is available 24/7, with dedicated IBM System and full-time staff for hardware, software and customer support services. Our sites are subjected to over 11,000 simulated "cyber attacks" per day by Scan Alert with no vulnerabilities or penetrations. If you want other text or documents on the voting site, such as a candidate packet, VR Election Services technical professionals can assist your staff with uploading desired contents in pdf, html or other appropriate formats.

Voter PINs Prevent Vote Duplications

Eligible voters review the election packets containing candidate qualifications and platforms. Using a unique identity number, last 4 digits of social security or member number, and imprinted Personal Identification Number (PIN), they then go to the election web site and make candidate choices. (No full Social Security Numbers are used.)

All voting methods - by paper ballot, telephone, or Internet - are connected to one secure C-2 compliant database of eligible voters obtained from our client. (Duplicate voters are removed prior to activation.) The first election method used "turns off" each voter's PIN.

For example, if voting was done through the Internet and a paper ballot is later submitted, vote duplication is impossible, since the PIN was disabled after voting was completed through the web site.

"Simple and effective." This is what our clients say about their election experience with VR Election Customer Service - doing what we do best - comprehensive elections.

Most Cost-Effective

Consider Internet-only elections, or combined Internet and telephone voting methods - since these voting processes do not require printing of return envelopes or the time and expense of tallying. Most importantly, the largest single election expense for postage is dramatically reduced.

Postage is necessary only for mailing candidate packets which also include voter PINs. This is the best use of your election budget. Tallying of the Internet and telephone-based votes are totally electronic and instantaneous.

To conclude, Internet-based voting is secure, fast, and easy for your voting membership and lowest in cost for your organization.

Third-party credibility guarantees unbiased election results. Members can make their voices heard with every assurance of complete confidentiality. Put the power of VR Election Services to work for you.

Place Us on Your Bid List

VR Election Services requests the opportunity to submit a bid to handle all or portions of your election. We provide excellent, timely and cost-effective services.

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