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About VR Election Services

VR Election Services (Voice Retrieval & Information Services), established in 1984, is considered a dynamic and progressive leader in the Election Services Industry. We are one of the oldest and largest independent service bureaus in the United States and are 100% American owned and operated. All critical election processes are handled in-house. AASE16 Soc 1 Type II Certified.

Processes included are: project management; election packet printing, mailing and assembly; telephone (Interactive Voice Response or IVR) services; Internet voting system; tabulation, and certification. Also, commitment to security for your member database is unmatched by any other election service provider.

Our clients include:  
  • Teacher's Retirement Systems
  • State and Public Pension Systems
  • College Alumni Association
  • Associations
  • Labor Unions
  • Credit Unions
  • Cooperatives
  • State Bars
The Election Services Division

VR Election Services provides turnkey voting services using telephone, Internet and mail-in ballots - in local, regional, statewide and national elections. We originated the "multiple voting process" concept in 1993, under contract with the Automotive Services Association, to administer their national election.

"Simple and Effective." This is what our clients tell us about their election experience with VR Election customer services. We use a hands-on approach to every aspect of the election process. Our proprietary software, time tested best practices, and careful supervision of our highly trained personnel ensures a smooth, secure, accurate election for our clients. We do what we do best, complete election services - so you can do what you do best - concentrate on membership services.

VR Election Services has earned our reputation as the leading American election company, with our razor sharp focus on four areas most important to our customer. First and foremost, every election is governed by your rules and by-laws. Second, we implement solutions based on these rules, which are certified and challenge-resistant. Third, because we purchase in large scale and manage your entire election process from our 18,000 square foot "secure" custom facility in Dallas, we are extremely cost effective. Fourth, we have the know-how to use unique methods to drive down your postage expenses. Also, we are a CASS-certified mailer, authorized by the U.S. Postal Service.

What We Provide

VR Election Services manages elections of all types, through any combination of mail, telephone, on-site and on-line voting services. We also provide toll-free customer service. Our firm vigorously pursues excellence in our specialized field, so you receive the best possible attention for the following:

Election Services
  • Mail Ballot
  • Internet
  • Telephone
  • E-ballot
  • Surveys
  • Contract/Strike Ratification
Our Staff

The team members are information technology, security, customer service, sales, printing, mailing operations and marketing professionals with decades of experience in their respective fields.

The Technical Side

We operate a wide variety of integrated switches in our high security, environmentally-controlled setting. Inbound telephone lines, numbering more than 7,400, are a self-healing digital fiber optic network with the clearest, fastest and most reliable service available. The self-healing network insures dependable service if major cable cuts or outages occur, through rerouting via redundant fiber optic cables.

Our systems and processes have passed stress and hacker-testing and intense reviews by various clients' information technology and internal audit divisions.

Our core systems:


  • IBM® I-Series AS400 Computer Systems
  • Redundant IBM® Direct Talk IVR-Interactive Voice Response Systems
  • Fujitsu® Fiber Optic Multiplexers
  • PBX Telephone Switching Equipment
  • Cisco®/Firewalls/Routers Central Office Telephone Switching equipment
  • Powerware® Central Office Emergency Battery Backup and Power Conditioners and Onan® 70 KVA Emergency natural gas powered internal combustion power plant.
  • Inbound 1-800 service is ISDN/PRI T-1, Integrated Services Digital Network/Primary Rate Interface
  • Multiple T-1 internet connections

Third-party credibility guarantees unbiased election results. Members can make their voices heard with every assurance of complete confidentiality. Put the power of VR Election Services to work for you.

Place Us on Your Bid List

VR Election Services requests the opportunity to submit a bid to handle all or portions of your election. We provide excellent, timely and cost-effective services.

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